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COVID - 19 Update 23/04/2020

I hope everyone is well during these tough times, as some of you may know I had temporarily ceased any private and domestic work as I was unsure of the government guidelines for Arboriculture at that time.

Through recent discussions between the government and the Arboricultural Association (Professional body for Arb and Forestry in the UK) they have decided to issue advice for arborists that wish to continue working during the COVID - 19 pandemic.

We appeciate that not everyone would be happy for work to continue at this time, but govenment advice will be followed strictly and work will only be undertaken if safe to do so.

MD Trees Cornwall are taking measures to comply with the government guidelines in regards to the recent Covid-19 updates.

  • 1 vehicle will be used per worker and will not be shared at any point during the day.

  • We travel to and from only 1 site per day.

  • We will only work on sites where there will be no interaction with public.

  • For the safety of customers and staff, work will be carried out where no contact is necessary.

  • Work will be discussed before work commences, or during, over the phone only.

  • A maximum team of 2 onsite at 1 time with a minimum working distance of 2metres.

  • Gloves will be worn at all times.

  • Each member has their own set of personal tools and will not be shared.

We have followed the government instructions very carefully and we have adjusted our work practices to comply. Please click the link below to see the latest guidelines from Arboricultural Association.

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