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Storm damage and advice for tree owners during bad weather

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

The increased wind and rain in Cornwall over the winter can cause much damage to your trees.

During a storm many poorly maintained trees can become hazardous, damaging buildings, power lines and can also become a major threat to people.

After heavy rainfall and strong wind, trees can be blown over and a lot of debris will need removing. This is not always the case though, many trees that shed branches during storms can be maintained, and with proper tree surgery techniques will heal over and continue to grow and remain healthy.

Check your trees during winter, as this is easier when the leaves have fallen. Look for weak unions, cracked or split branches and any signs of decay. If you are unsure and need advice call a professional, they will be more than happy to help.

Topping trees can be dangerous!

When trees are topped the branches are cut badly and “stogs” are left behind (see image below).

This will cause stress growth and the tree will counteract to this heavy and unnecessary reduction by sending out epicormic growth or “water spouting”. This new growth is often weak and multiple branches grow from one union increasing the possibility of decay and damage. Topped trees are ugly and will rarely survive long afterwards.

The weak epicormic growth can easily be broken by strong winds, causing further damage to trees and their surroundings.

Contact us if you would like any advice upon checking your trees.

Remember proper knowledge and technique can be vital to keeping your garden safe.

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